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Kasi Vishwanath

Founder & Chairman

A visionary persona and an entrepreneur by heart, Mr. Kasi thrives to build sustainable business foundation that blends technology, creativity, and human touch in the right proportion. He drives his team high in spirit through his incessant flair for leadership, experimental point of view, and a ready-to-go guy who stands with the team in every up and down.

Sushant M

Chief Operations Officer

A visionary and a vibrant performance-driven professional with over 14 years of experience in human resource operations and partnerships. He brings effective planning, strategy making abilities, and change management in a matrixed fast-paced environment and is always open to new ideas.

D Pavan Kumar

Team Lead - Domestic Staffing

A well-groomed and experienced professional in domestic staffing process including identification of organization’s hiring needs, optimization of job descriptions, sourcing candidates through various social media platforms and data base, and documentation while keeping abreast with the employment laws and regulations.

Mohan Kumar

Client Relationship Manager - Global Staffing

An excellent professional with prowess in building resourceful relationships that form the core of global staffing. A champion for diverse perspective, an expert in understanding customer needs and leverage global background to develop strategic solutions for companies. He brings his years of experience in understanding the hiring needs while empowering his team with creative ideas and innovative recruitment techniques.